Hi, I'm Vicki, and my husband Roger and I are working towards becoming a full-time RV living couple in the next few years. We began "downsizing" our life and consciously working on living a more minimalistic, simple way of life about two years ago. Although we've truly embraced the idea of paring back our physical belongings to the point of being able to enjoy life on the road in an RV, it's been ongoing introspection to adjust to thinking "light" and letting go of things, materially and ideally that we've spent a lifetime accumulating.

My husband, for whom I have unending adoration and devotion is a little, well, make that a lot further along in the thought process in getting ready to hit the road with the barest of necessities. My blog, RVWifestyle.com is dedicated to sharing, shall we say matters that have come up and how we are working on minimalizing these matters so that we can maximize our enjoyment of future adventures, living simply in an RV.

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Featured photos on this site, captured by Life Out West, Roger Bath, Photographer.